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How does the quiz work?

You can use the quiz’s insights to instantly improve how you search and present yourself to get more compatible relationship matches! Figure out how you can attract the right fit for a genuine long-term relationship.

The 21 Traits method

Relationships don’t end because people disagree on where to go for the weekend. They typically end because of behaviors that one person can no longer tolerate from the other. And the single best predictor of behaviors is personality traits.

You can’t know someone’s traits early on but you can still put the odds in your favor. You can identify which traits work best for you as a lens and a filter: The lens is how you see and consider people, and helps manifest the best partners for you; the filter is the mechanism through which you allow people in, the funnel through which people pass as better possibilities for you.

Here’s how to make use of your quiz results. Take the quiz first with your preferences in mind to be clear on what you want. Take it a second time when you want to assess your date or partner. Here’s how we assess compatibility:

These are your critical compatibilities. Do not even consider dating anyone you think rates lower than this.

These traits are important to you. Use your instincts to decide whether someone has enough of these qualities to encourage a good fit.

These traits can go either way. If your date or partner falls in this range, don’t let it impact your decision.

You not only don’t want someone with this trait, you prefer the opposite. Focus on people who score a 3 or less for this quality.

It’s crucial that someone lies at the opposite end of the spectrum for this trait. Don’t settle for anyone you assess as a 2 or higher for this quality.

Put your results to work!

Contact us by clicking the button below if you’d like us to help you get to the next level in dating smart. For now, consider the quiz results as a way to instantly improve your chances of meeting someone who’s right for you and with whom you’re more likely to have a long-term relationship.

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