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How Flexible Should Your Partner Be?

Some people function best with routine, structure, detailed plans, and don’t deal well with change. Some go with the flow, can change on a dime, adapt well to whatever comes their way. The extremes are rigid at one end, aimless at the other, neither of which is seen as healthy or desirable by most people. The majority of people prefer someone who’s somewhere in between.

Of course, it’s not always black and white: Timing and circumstances play a role in how flexible we can be at any given moment.

Sometimes we need someone who’s the same as us, sometimes we need the opposite. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter; every trait needn’t be—shouldn’t be—a Critical Compatibility™.

Have you considered how flexible you are? Have you thought about your ideal partner this way? Is flexibility important or just something to be aware of in a partner? Knowing each other’s default style enables you to understand and support each other better in the long run. Either way, change is inevitable, whether it’s drastic or minor.

On the scale below, note where you think your ideal partner should fall in terms of flexibility. You’d do well to consider first where you fall, in case it informs how much you value this trait in someone else.

This is a trait that often goes overlooked yet surfaces early on in a relationship. You might care a little, a lot, or not at all about your partner’s flexibility but it’s worth considering whether or not the behavior it indicates is important to you.  

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