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What Do Your Preferences Say About You?

Sometimes we prefer a partner who’s just like us in certain ways, sometimes we want the exact opposite. So, the priorities you indicate for each of the 21 traits reveal as much about you as who you’re looking for.

If you’ve taken the quiz, you indicated which qualities you prefer in a partner, which ones to avoid, and others you’re neutral on.

But what does each preference say about you?

It’s worth considering which traits you want in a partner to match up identically with those you possess and which qualities you want to complement yours. This contributes to balance in a relationship and increases the chances it will grow and endure.

Some traits tend to be shared and sought by both partners: communication, empathy, and respect among them. Others have no direct correlation and might be more complementary: patience, security, and chill, for example. Next level thinking with your 21 traits results goes beyond clarifying what you need in a partner to why you need it; that tells you a lot about yourself.

If self-awareness is the key to presenting your authentic self and recognizing the qualities you seek in others, you’ll unlock the door to better matches by revisiting your priorities every so often. And you’ll never stop learning about yourself because your needs change over time whether you realize it or not.

When you take the quiz, consider your results in two ways: as validation and focus of what you need overall and as a way to gauge what qualities should be the same, opposite, or somewhere in between. 

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