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Chill: Does That Describe Your Ideal Partner?

An overlooked quality in contemplating your needs in a partner is whether they’re chill or high energy. Both ends of the scale can be engaging. Many of us default toward one or the other but you can also find both in the same person, a balance that shifts based on mood, activity, or what their partner needs at any given time.

Sometimes, our partner’s energy, be it high or low, open or blocked, is at the very root of attraction. It can work for both partners to have the same energy or disposition; it can work just as well for them to be the opposite.

Recognizing whether your ideal partner is chill vs. high energy or a balance of both, is so important we consider it a Critical Compatibility™. Like all of the 21 traits, identifying this preference is entirely up to you and instantly clarified by choosing where they should lie on the scale below.

So, take a look at the scale and note what type of person fits best with your energy and disposition. It’s always a good idea to consider where you yourself fall on the scale, too. This will improve your self-awareness, the cornerstone of attracting the kind of people who should pass through your filter. The middle ground here doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to you; it means someone who shifts back and forth.

Whether it’s a physical, verbal, or intangible energy, the important point is that you consider whether you’re generally better off with someone who’s chill, high energy, or a balance. Knowing yourself and what you need is fundamental to being emotionally intelligent.

To identify your Critical Compatibilities™ and instantly start finding better matches now click here to take the free 90 second quiz.