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Find Better Matches Using Your Critical Compatibilities™ Part 2

Online dating improves the quantity of people you meet. Knowing your Critical Compatibilities™ improves the quality.

Your Critical Compatibilities™ are the traits you identify as your absolute must haves. Not nice to have, must have. This also means identifying traits you need to avoid. This doesn’t mean smoking, politics or other readily knowable habits or views for which people can easily check boxes. It’s about focusing on traits that lead to behaviors that can ultimately determine a good match and longevity in a relationship.

Once you identify these, you’re more than halfway toward finding better matches. The process has been simplified for you into a quick, easy 90 second quiz containing a highly curated list of 21 discrete traits — character defining qualities — that will, in turn, indicate the behaviors that will attract or repel you over time.

Before you create or update your profile, you should first consider the type of person you want to attract or avoid in this context. Similarly, you should keep these priorities in mind when searching other peoples’ profiles and look for those traits over time when dating. You’d be surprised how much you can improve your profile simply by indicating your deeper needs and being mindful of them when searching others’ profiles.

The 21traits quiz and approach makes use of two simple devices: the lens and the filter. How you see and consider people to manifest better matches is your lens. The mechanism through which you allow people to pass through as better possibilities is your filter.

Based on countless conversations and interactions, this highly refined list of revealing and predicative qualities will help you filter out people who don’t have what you need and allow in those who do. These traits aren’t positive or negative; their degree of importance is entirely up to you. Only you can decide which ones are highly relevant, which traits will drive behaviors that will ultimately impact your relationship, for better or worse.

Once you receive your results, you’ll be able to instantly take better control of your relationship search based on exactly what you’ve determined are your priorities, your Critical Compatibilities™. Then you’ll have the option of requesting an upgraded profile. Both are free.

You’ll also be able to reach out for rock solid dating and relationship guidance including how to improve your online profile, how to search better, and how to get more suitable matches that put the odds in your favor.

Mutual interests are important but you don’t have to do everything together, certainly not at the expense of incompatible dispositions.

Our mission is to help you clarify exactly what you need in a long term partner and to avoid those who will, over time, ultimately frustrate you. Let’s face it, even the simplest person can become complex at close range and on a regular basis. Your lens and your filter are completely under your control, so you may as well start using them more thoughtfully right now.

Have fun, trust your instincts, and start improving your matches now.

To identify your Critical Compatibilities™ and instantly start finding better matches now click here  to take the free 90 second quiz.