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Long Term Or Something Casual: What Are You Looking For?

Most of us think of a relationship as a stable, long term, all-in situation where the emotional investment is high. But not everyone wants that—or wants it at certain times.

It’s why dating apps ask you to indicate ‘relationship’ or ‘something casual’ in your profile. We can all pretty much agree on what a relationship is.

But what exactly is something casual?

It could mean hooking up, whether or not you ever leave the house. It could mean dating occasionally without a definitive commitment. Or it could mean you’re in a busy or transitional time, recently broken up, or don’t want the responsibility of a relationship right now.

Sometimes you just don’t know and want to play it by ear. Either way, it pays to be honest with yourself and others about your preferences.

Sometimes people say they want something casual but wind up getting emotionally attached. Unless that happens to both of you at the same time, we all know that’s not gonna end well.

All this begs the question: What are you looking for: A relationship? Something casual? How specific can you be without over thinking it? In other words, what’s best for you right now?

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