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Communication: How Important Is It?

Are you looking for a partner who’s clear, forthcoming, expressive, keeps you informed? Or someone who’s reserved, introverted, communicates less frequently or only when something’s important? Maybe you prefer something in between.

Before you decide, consider this trait is far more dimensional than it seems. It’s not just about how clearly or frequently someone communicates with us; it’s also about tone, empathy, control, diplomacy, timing, and more.

Rather than evaluate every variation, we tend to determine what works for us intuitively without overthinking; we seem to just vibe with someone or not. That doesn’t mean it isn’t important to know what you need from your partner, how you yourself communicate, and whether it matters if you and your partner have different styles.

Like many of the 21 traits, this one generally needs to line up but every couple has their own way of communicating; there are infinite nuances and subtleties in this area that can allow for a great relationship even if each person has a different style or needs. Given the right motivation, people can adjust and compromise; it’s entirely possible for a couple to figure out their own way of communicating.

Just because someone’s quiet or reserved doesn’t mean they’re not a great communicator.

There are so many variations in how people relate to and inform each other that it’s best to allow the other person’s style to become apparent over time. No judgments, no limits. After a period of time, it’ll be clear: You communicate in a way that works or you do not.

Rate where you’d place yourself on the scale below as to how important communication is to you in a relationship. Then consider where your partner falls.

Decide how much you value communication, how well you and your partner communicate, and ultimately if your styles are compatible. If it’s working for you, great. If not, consider if it’s something you can work on together.

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