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Giver Or Taker: Which Do You Prefer?

If you think everyone prefers to pair up with a giver rather than a taker, think again.

Some people are so giving that they need to be with a taker. The opposite is also true.

We’re not passing judgment here; we’re strictly helping you assess your Critical Compatibilities™ for the long run. This has nothing to do with morals, everything to do with priorities.

It’s possible for both people in a relationship to be givers but not for both to be takers. Think about that for a moment. Then think about what you truly need and what you truly offer.

As with all 21 traits, there are no absolutes. In fact, many of us need to strike a balance of giving and taking, both as a giver and taker. There’s a good chance that describes you.

Moreover, people’s needs can change; compatibility and priorities are dynamic. That’s why the expression “we just grew apart” is a common refrain.

On the scale below, assess where you need your partner to be. As with all 21 traits, this assessment works best when you’re self-aware and consider where you yourself fall in the first place.

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