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Humor: Is Dating A Laughing Matter?

Many people highly value a sense of humor in a partner.  It’s commonly referenced in dating profiles. But as with all of the 21 traits, degree matters: Some people live to laugh, others are fine with just a taste of funny.

Some things to consider: Do you need the other person to make you laugh or simply have a sense of humor in general? How much of a priority is it? How much of it is based on laughing at the same things? If you’re a serious type or less light-hearted, maybe humor is a nice to have, not a must have. Are you fine either way or is it a priority for you? 

The value some place on their partner having a sense of humor is often a dealbreaker: People who value laughter or sense of humor in a relationship often rate it as “Important” or a “Must Have” Critical Compatibility on the quiz. This is a trait that typically travels together, meaning those who seek it often possess it.

On the scale below, assess where you need your partner to be. As with all 21 traits, this determination works even better when you’re self-aware enough to know where you lie on the scale. In this case, this means knowing what kind or degree of a sense of humor you bring to the table.

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