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Worldly: What’s It Mean, What’s It Mean To You?

This is one of the 21 traits some will question, some will question why they never considered it. It’s one of those details in personality that enhances your awareness which is why was created in the first place.

Being with someone who’s well-traveled, cultured, savvy, mannerly, knowledgable in the ways of the world—worldly—can have a profound impact on longevity as a couple. But it can also be irrelevant; it just can’t be overlooked.

Partners don’t need to be equally refined or cultured. But if you’re the type who values this trait in a partner to one extent or another, and they don’t possess it, expect problems down the road. One of you will ultimately frustrate or disappoint the other.

There are 3 possible scenarios with respect to who’s worldly in your relationship: both of you, one of you, neither of you. Of course, there are degrees to this quality. Some of us just want their partner to be reasonably worldly, however you define that, while others are happy with more or less. 

So, just how important is it that your partner brings culture, savvy, and awareness to the relationship? How much or how little do you bring? Do you even care? You don’t have to—as long as you and your partner line up on how much or little of a priority it is.

Consider on the scale below how much of a priority you place on your partner possessing this trait.


As always, it helps to consider what you bring to the table for every trait. This way, you increase your self-awareness while assessing what you need in a partner. This kind of thinking doesn’t guarantee a long term relationship but it certainly puts the odds in your favor.

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