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Organization: Is It Important To You In A Partner?

Does it matter whether or not your partner is organized? What does that even mean to you? Are you yourself organized?

If you’re generally an organized person who keeps everything in its place and functions day to day in a relatively clean and orderly manner, you’re more likely to get along in close quarters with someone who’s similar in style. Someone who is not organized will likely wig you out.

If you’re not organized and orderly in how you think, how you function, how you manage your life, even where you put things, you may be fine with someone who’s organized or not organized; it might just not matter that much to you.

As with all of the 21 traits, it’s not about judgment; it’s about compatibility. Whatever being organized means to you and to what extent it’s important, it makes a difference when it comes to love in the long term.

The bigger point is to consider these things so you’re aware of your needs before you even start dating someone: Are you yourself organized? Do you need to be with someone who is? To what degree is being orderly and organized? Are there things that will set you off in this area or is it just not that big of a deal?

Maybe being with someone who’s organized is a priority for you, maybe it’s not. Either way, you need to know in advance if this is a trait, and ultimately a behavior, that will impact your relationship. Consider where you need your partner to be on the scale below.

So many little things–that aren’t really so little–need to line up for long term relationship success. Organization is just one of them. Ignore it at your own peril.

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